Spa Italia's Signature Body Wraps


Relaxing Packages ~ 1 Hour 15 Minutes

 ♢ 3 Body Wraps $205 (regular price $275)

 ♢ 6 Body Wraps $585 (regular price $625)

 ♢ 10 Body Wraps $795 (regular price $875)

Detoxify Body Wraps ~ 1 Hour 30 Minutes

 ♢ 3 Body Wraps $295 (regular price $380)

 ♢ 6 Body Wraps $495 (regular price $595)

 ♢ 10 Body Wraps $895 (regular price $990)

Inch Lost Body Wrap ~ 1 Hour 55 Minutes

 ♢ 3 Body Wraps $360 (regular price $405)

 ♢ 6 Body Wraps $645 (regular price $795)

 ♢ 10 Body Wraps $995 (regular price $1,225)


Detoxifying Volcanic Mud Wrap - $95 (80 min) - Utilizing the power of nature, exotic green mud clay blended with seaweed and spirulina powder to firm, moisturize, and detoxify the body. (After shower off will be added a nature herbal solution to smooth and tone the skin.

Seaweed Detox Body Wrap - $95 (80 min) - This body mask of rich seaweed and green tea is recommended for its impressive detoxifying properties, is used for hundreds of years as an agent to stimulate the body metabolism and eliminate impurities from the body tissue.

Herbal Wrap - $55 (45 min) - Enjoy complete relaxation as you are enveloped in hot, herbal-soaked linens to soothe muscle and joints, eliminate toxins, and tone the skin. You will also be treated to a gentle scalp massage.

Coffee Thermal Body Slim Wrap - $125 (90 min) - This coffee thermal body wrap is used to work with cellulite problem areas of the body. It is great for legs, stomach, and arms to tone and smooth the skin. It is a great wrap. You will see amazing results!

Obsidian Moor Body Wrap - $125 (90 min) - A rejuvenating blend of B vitamins which increases energy and helps reduce fatigue also this treatment is excellent for cellulite, with is essential oils this wrap will increase circulation and well-being.

Chocolate Slim Body Wrap - $135 (90 min) - Finally the ultimate slim body wrap. This body wrap is amazing if you need to loose inches of your body, it will also tone and firmed up your body. You will love this wrap!

Body Polish - $65 (60 min) - Give your skin a vibrant new glow. Choose from a blend of seasonal oil and salt body polish to gently exfoliate dried skin. (Includes infrared sauna blanket for a warm relaxation experience)

Military Discount - We proudly offer discounts to our military clientele. Please present your ID when scheduling an appointment.

For special package savings, please call owner Laura for an appointment and demonstration - 805 757-7349.

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